June 14, 2019


Video Podcast #1 Obstacle to your Retirement is TAXES, The Solution is a ROTH IRA Conversion

Show Notes

Click the Link to Schedule Your ROTH LADDER CONVERSION CONSULTATION with Ford Stokes, Founder and Chief Financial Advisor with Active Wealth Management, Inc.

Here is the Video Podcast of EPISODE 1. Ford shares the #1 Obstacle to your retirement. (Hint: Taxes are the #1 Obstacle to Your Future Retirement.) Ford also shares THE #1 Solution to the potential of rising taxes in the future with $22 Trillion in US Debt, a ROTH IRA LADDER CONVERSION. Be sure to watch this Video podcast of Episode #1 of The Active Wealth Show. Ford shares strategies to save $300,000-$1,000,000+ in taxes throughout your 30+ year retirement. Call 770-685-1777 or send Ford an email at [email protected] or click the link to schedule your free ROTH IRA LADDER CONVERSION CONSULTATION.

We encourage all of our listeners and clients to consult a tax professional when implementing any type of ROTH IRA conversion. Ford Stokes is not a tax professional, he is a series 65 licensed investment adviser representative with Foundations Investment Advisers and he is a fiduciary who wants to help you invest, financially plan and retire successfully.

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